UI/UX Designer & Developer

designing and developing at Harbr Co.

My Work


HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Cornerstone

At Tribridge I headed the design and development of LinkedIn's training portal for recruiters. With many use cases in place the functionality and design took shape.

SoundCloud Redesign

HTML, CSS, Sketch App, UI/UX

The Harbr crew decided to tackle SoundCloud's brand with a fierce redesign. The explore page was also redesigned to improve the user's experience of discovering new music.

Zazn Meditation App

Sketch for the iOS app. HTML, CSS, jQuery for the landing page.

Zazn is a meditation app I designed that allows users to customize their meditations. It also lets users choose guided meditations.



A concept app I designed where the user inputs what they own, sets a goal, and finds out what clutter they need to reduce to reach their goal.

Live Soccer Scores


A soccer application that tracks in game events and stats. By pulling down on the center field the user can update the latest match events. The user can also scroll down to see past events.


I've been designing and developing websites since 2010. I have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and UI/UX design. I implement Javascript when necessary and often use libraries like jQuery. My goal is to make websites and apps successful through well thought out design.


Email me at thomasp423@gmail.com and checkout more of my work on Dribbble.com

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